The Low and High Flux VitaPES® dialyzers, supplied by the German company Serumwerk, cover the complex need for an effective and safe treatment option for chronic renal failure. The excellent performance of VitaPES® dialyzers, as confirmed in clinical practice is the result of innovation in product development and production technology.

The impressive features of these dialyzers have been for many years:

  • Use of top-quality production process and raw materials in the creation of the dialyzers.
  • Gentle and environmentally friendly sterilization method.
  • Optimized biocompatibility, which makes it very well tolerated by patients.
  • High and stable clearance performance across the whole product range
  • Simplicity and reliability for daily application.
  • The VitaPES® dialyzers, with their Vitasulfone and PUREMA membrane-based features, guarantee an excellent treatment for patients undergoing dialysis.

    The reason for the high quality of these filters is the use of the new technology, “modification of the basic material by special manufacturing process combining microwave and electron beam irradiation. Improved biocompatibility (less thrombotic reactions) and increased membrane permeability for ionic molecular substances is a consequence of this special treatment of native Polysulfone membranes”.


    DiaCart and DiaBox bicardonate cartridges are compatible with all dialysis machines who achieve the highest standards that the preparation of dialysis fluid requires. The extensive range of cartridges has the following technical conditions:

    • Ergonomic design.
    • Use of high quality raw materials.
    • Optimized packaging design for storage and transport.
    • Environmentally friendly disposal process, after use.


    Our company has dialysis bloodlines compatible with all dialysis machines

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