Hemoperfusion Systems


  • The HA130 Disposable Hemoperfusion Catridge can be used in patients undergoing chronic dialysis and show related complications.
  • It is successfully applied in classic Hemodialysis as well as in its variations.
  • It effectively removes middle to large molecular weight uremic toxins or combined with protein uremic toxins such as: β2-MG, Parathormone, Leptin, TNF, IL, CRP, AGEs, Hcy and Ras and ameliorates hemodialysis related complications.

    The HA380 Disposable Hemoperfusion Catridge is used in patients in critical conditions treated in the ICU. It effectively removes inflammatory mediators, such as cytokines, and helps to confront critical situations such as:

    • Sepsis
    • Severe Αcute pancreatitis
    • ARDS
    • Severe injuries
    • Serious burns


    • The HA330-II Disposable Hemoperfusion Catridge is applied in patients with liver failure.
    • Achieves a significant reduction of ammonia, mercaptan and aromatic amino acids.
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